About Me

I’m Anita, a creative, enthusiastic, and business-minded world traveler. 

I love traveling to new areas all across the world and enjoy chronicling my adventures along the way.

Chronicling My Travel Experiences

Travel: to go on or as if on a trip or tour.

– Merrium Webster’s definition of travel.

An important notion I want to convey when I chronicle my experiences is that Blacks do travel. Generally, members of the African American community are underreprented in the travel industry on social media. I want to encourage and inspire African Americans of various backgrounds to travel.

My Promise

I love working with people who are passionate about what they do and put time into mastering their craft. I promise to do my best to share earnest, unbiased, and informative experiences with my followers to create effective exposure for great clients.

No Distance Is too Far

My goal is to travel to as many locations as humanly possible and meet great people from all around the world.




Blog Posts

Collaboration Examples

Awesome Food

I LOVE reviewing exotic and exicting food on my various escapades.

Interior Design

I critique the architecture of certain locations and discuss potential inspirations for such designs.

Epic journeys

I can cover EPIC tour experiences that are fun and a great experience for fellow adventurers.

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