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You can’t successfully “adult” and live a life of adventure, right? Wrong!!! So why does it seem that way? As a child, you may have longed for the grownup privilege of doing whatever you wanted. But then reality set in, with all sorts of adult responsibilities and bills. Now, those dreams of travel to interesting places seem more out of reach than ever.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine jetting off to Europe for a week, or waking up with a view of a beautiful beach in the Caribbean, or maybe attending that major sports event or music festival. Any of this, and more, is possible. Even better, “adulting,” can help you get there.

In this book, learn exactly how, with practical strategies from someone who has done it. Author Anita Mitchell walks you through – step by step – how to plan, fund and enjoy the travel adventures of your dreams. She stresses that this is not only do-able, but essential for your well being.

If you want to transform adulting into adventure, you’ll be inspired by Anita’s lively, positive attitude and her personal story. Then, you can follow the easy-to-use worksheets to map out your own adventures. Bon voyage!

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“Adulting to Travel is a wonderful expedition into the world of travel. Its packed with humor and practical advice on how to cost-effectively travel across the world. Highly recommended for travel enthusiats and professionals seeking to implement travel into their schedules.”

Suren Dias, Chief Executive Officer at Avanka IT

Travel Wisely

Adulting To Travel

Travel Consultations

One-on-One Consultations to help you figure out a customized travel plan.

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