Miami King of Diamonds (KOD) Edition

Miami pic

Grad school was giving my college homie and I the blues.  We thought about taking a trip to a destination that we could enjoy the sunny weather, relaxation, good food, and a slight turn up.  The turn up was most definitely what we got, and I’ll explain how we ended up in Miami, FL and inside the infamous “KOD.”

2014 was the year and it was my homies turn to pick the next destination for our yearly trip.  She wanted a beach atmosphere and a little night life so we choose Miami, Florida.  Grad school was putting it’s foot in our necks and we truly just needed a true spring break.

Where we Stayed

In our research, we discovered that you had to be very specific as to where in Miami you truly wanted to stay.  We both agreed that we wanted to lay our heads in a more quieter part of Miami.  We didn’t want to hear loud music or people, so we decided to stay North of the strip in the “Mid-Beach” area.  The hotel we choose was “Westover Arms” located on Collins Ave.

Westover Arms.PNG

We loved this hotel because:

  • The location was perfect and right across the street from the beach
  • They provided dedicated beach chairs for their guests at no additional costs
  • It’s a renovated apartment/condo so it was very clean and had a cozy home feel



The address for the hotel is 4100 Collins Ave.  Even thought it says located in Miami Beach, please be aware that does NOT mean South Beach.  So if you’re looking for a location that isn’t too busy, and loud then north of the strip is where you should consider.  If you’re looking for swarms of people, and constant traffic then consider staying South of the strip in South Beach.


When considering a hotel anywhere in Miami, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • Is your hotel undergoing renovations
  • Do you have to rent/pay for beach chairs/umbrellas
  • What is the closest bus stop that can take you to South Beach and what are the times/cost

The first bullet is extremely important because many of the hotels fail to mention this on their website.  It would be a shame that you get to your hotel and the elevator is not working, the water pressure is low, and it smells.  : (   The next bullet can make or break your decision because many visitors to the beach do not want to have to pay an extra fee to their hotel to borrow a beach chair.  In my honest opinion, this fee should already be included in the hotel’s “resort fee” that slap on your bill. I’m just saying.

Bullet three will matter to some readers if they desire to travel down to South Beach.  Trying to find parking down there is bananas and if you are already paying a fee at your hotel for parking then I say leave your car there! By asking hotels what bus stop is near them and where exactly it stops at on or near South Beach can save you a pretty penny, and relieve you of parking war stress.

South Beach Tow

What did we eat

We didn’t want to do the typical chain restaurants, so we decided to ask a few of the locals where they ate and many recommended “Big Pink.”  Does it sound like a porn store, yes.  However, the food there is bomb and I highly recommend checking them out.  Big Pink is on 157 Collins Ave and it’s a cute little spot for eating.  Their customer service is awesome and so are their pancakes!  Did I mention that their pancakes are HUGE?



Did we enjoy the beach? Yes.  Did we enjoy the food? Yes.  Now it was time for us to go and check out the skrippas. (Strippers)  KOD is an infamous strip club in Miami.  Just about every dirty south rapper has mentioned it in their songs like Rick Ross, Pimp C, and Jeezy.  If you haven’t heard of KOD then…….ask about them.


When my homie and I pulled up to the club, it was like something out of a music video!  Limos out front, the line was mad long, and dudes with their best pair of J’s on.  Straight flexing!  As we stood in the very long line, we got to chat it up with a few people.  Since it was just about everyone’s spring break across the nation, we got to chat it up with  people from Chicago, Queens, and even Dallas.  In each conversation we had with other club visitors they all said the same thing “We couldn’t go to Miami and not check out KOD.”

After about an hour of waiting in line, we finally got inside the club and it was all that I thought it would be!  The talent in KOD was top notch and they had some bad bishes you heard?  It was pretty crowded by the time we got inside and there was still a long line out front.  We were able to grab to seats in the left corner near a stripper that was in a circle with a pole all by herself.  I would like to call her “Pretty Flexy” and I’ll explain why.

She was about 5’4 and had a really pretty face.  Light skin with a booty on swol’ and very charismatic.  The dj played Young Thug’s “Danny Glover” and she was going in.  I was like a deer in headlights and couldn’t stop staring when a gentleman walking by had to stop and come back to check her out.  He stared at her as she mesmerized him with her moves and then she just pulls one of her legs all they way to her head.  This was so interesting because I was asking myself “did she stretch really good to pull that off?”  The guy and I looked at each other, smiled, and gave her a few dollars.


But make NO ERROR!  The party was just getting started and I saw so many people in KOD that I know personally from college and from my home town.  My frat brother happened to be in the building and I called him over to sit with me and my friend so we could catch up.  Apparently,  a family member of his was getting married that following week and they brought him to KOD to celebrate.  We reminisced about college and how we both grew and matured over the years.  We even played a game pointing out the fake booties from the real ones!

To sum it all up, Miami is an awesome place to lay your hair down and have a great time.  Be sure to bring some extra one dollar bills if you plan to hit up KOD or if you plan on taking the bus up and down the strip!

Nothing Could Be Finer, Than to Be In Carolina……

If you’re a fellow Charlestonian, you would’ve sang along to the title of this first official post of my blog.  This saying, in my opinion is very true, there is nothing that could be finer than to be in Carolina.

Charleston, South Carolina is my hometown. Founded in 1670, and located on the Atlantic coast of the United States, Charleston is a city full of rich history, culture, and good ol’ authentic Southern cuisine.  Charleston is also referred to as the “Holy City,” because of it is tolerance for all religions and its many historic and renowned churches.

With five distinct beach towns, Charleston gives many of it’s visitors and locals the invitation to sit back, relax, and enjoy the coastal Carolina air.  Visitors have their choice of visiting a family beach such as the “Isle of Palms.” Or you can swing over to the home to some of the best golf courses over in “Kiawah Island.” If you’re looking for a slower pace of life head on over to “Seabrook Island.” Looking to surf it up? Well bring your boards over to “Folly Beach.” Lastly, you can always visit “Sullivan’s Island.”  The only Island to be the setting of a Revolutionary War battle.

Next, if you’re looking to get a dose of some of the Lowcountry’s culture, be sure to head down to the “Charleston City Market.” Here you can purchase authentic merchandise such as sweet grass baskets and even chat it up with a few of the locals. In the vicinity, you can enjoy carriage tours on our cobblestone streets.  Get a glimpse of the famous “Rainbow Row”  located north of Tradd St. and south of Elliott St. on East Bay Street, that is, 79 to 107 East Bay Street.

Now, it’s true that Southerns like myself have a distinct southern twang. However, many African American Charlestonian’s speak a language known as “Gullah-Geechee.” I speak this myself, and can understand it quite well.  This native tongue will sound like one is from one of the Caribbean islands. The unique creole language known as Gullah is spoken language along the Sea Islands of S.C and G.A. The vocabulary and it’s grammatical roots come from African, and European languages. Gullah Geechee is the ONLY distinctly African creole language in the U.S. It has influenced speech patterns and Southern vocabulary.

Along with our rich history and culture, Charleston has some of the best food this side of the Mason Dixon in my opinion.  With it’s location on the coast, this city has an abundance of seafood and seafood restaurants.  A few places to check out are “Nana’s Seafood and Soul” located on Line St. This restaurant prides itself on the delicious Gullah Geechee cuisine and fresh seafood. Another restaurant and Charleston landmark is Hyman’s Seafood which is also located in downtown Charleston. While you’re in the city, you may notice many of the restaurants have the following items on the menu:

  • Redrice
  • Shrimp and Grits

You most definitely have to try these two items! You can not visit Charleston and not try these two local dishes.  Trust me you will not be disappointed! Last but not least, sweet tea is in ABUNDANCE. That goof ol’ liquid gold is almost everywhere in Charleston. Not like many Northern establishments, you do not have to sweeten your tea with the plentiful packets of sugar and Splenda that can be found on your restaurant tables.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for authentic comfort food, rich culture, and Southern hospitality then Charleston is the place to visit. Just remember “Nothing Could Be Finer Than to Be in Carolina.”