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What’s on your bucket list? A trip to another part of the world? An outdoor adventure? Or even just a getaway at a romantic bed and breakfast a few hours away? Unfortunately, when it comes to your bucket list of adventures versus your adult responsibilities – you know, those pesky things like car repairs, dental work or even everyday bills – it might seem your bucket list loses every time. But, did you know that enjoying life is essential to your well-being?


With Adulting to Travel, you can start planning the trip you’ve always wanted, right now. With this book, you’ll learn little known insider secrets for transforming your adult responsibilities into travel cash, how to plan your travel like a pro and more. Author Anita Mitchell shares her very own real-world strategies in a fun, inspiring and easy-to-understand way. All of her amazing suggestions are based on things that she has actually done. These strategies worked for her and they will work for you too.


Adulting to Travel stresses that planning is key. And some of the steps take some time, so the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be on your way to enjoying the adventures of a lifetime! Imagine boarding a plane in the morning, and enjoying dinner in a completely different part of the world. Think about exotic beaches or views from a mountain top. Or, close your eyes and picture being somewhere you’ve always dreamed about. Adulting can actually get you there, and this gem of a book is your guide.


This book will guide you through:

  • Planning
  • Strategy
  • Funding
  • Utilizing promotional programs to secure free travel

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