Travel Talk Interview (Marrakech, Morocco)

Last week I had the pleasure to interview a dear friend of mine via Instagram Live. (Not following my IG page? Go follow me right now @Travelisd_newblack) She’s not only a friend, she’s a travel buddy, a travel agent and a mom. The interview went as follows:

Where She Stayed in Marrakech, Morocco

It started with a few basic questions like where she stayed etc. She told me she secured an all inclusive hotel in Marrakech called the RIU Tikida Garden. Although she was happy with the resort she totally forgot that she would be using a bidet.

Are you familiar with a bidet? Well a bidet is a plumbing fixture or sink intended for washing the genitalia, inner buttocks, and anus of the human body.  In many countries in Europe and Africa bidets are everywhere and it’s the norm. So it was totally understandable that she freaked out a little when she was trying to understand how to operate it. After she calmed down a tad, she was open to using it but wouldn’t want to use one everyday.

What Activities Did She Do In Marrakech

In just about every travel group on any social media platform, you will probably see the same excursion photos including a camel, an ATV, and some sort of water experience. During the interview I was curious to know if she did any of them and of course she did. I asked her what was the best way to book these excursions and she recommends to fellow travelers “Trip Advisor.” This makes total sense because right on the site are actual reviews, photos, and really detailed information about locations and companies for just about all of your traveling needs.

Want to know more about her? Do you need a travel agent to help you plan your next trip? Contact her on Instagram @travelingwithtamaramichelle . Not on Instagram? Follow her on Facebook @TravelingWith Tamara Michelle
Or send her an email at

What Does She Want Other Travelers To Know About Marrakech

Being a proud member of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Community she wants fellow travelers to be aware that this country is not a huge fan of personal display of affection (PDA). Especially not with members of the LGBT Community. Both male and female same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Morocco.

We did cover a few more items of course, but it was just her opinions on some other things about the country. With it being her first experience to the “Motherland” (Africa) (Because Morocco is in Africa) She was glad to make that her first stop.

Looking for more interviews like this one? Be sure to follow my Instagram page @Travelisd_newblack and be on the look out for my next interview with the creator of “Geechie Travels” Jonathan Brown on April 10th at 07:00 PM via IG live! Be sure to check out his blog at before tuning in on April 10th!

Want to be interviewed by me? Send me a message so we can get working together and share with perspective travelers your journeys, dos & donts, and recommendations for locations across the globe.

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