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To lounge, or nah?

Often times, I would wonder why folks would get to the airport super dumb early. I truly thought it was because they wanted to be

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D’ Windy City

Chicago is home to some of the most recognized rappers, and singers in the game.  R. Kelly, Twista, Common, and Da Brat to name a

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We Jammin’

We jammin’……… I wanna jam it with you…. We jammin’…. I hope you like jammin’ too” (Bob Marley) Fellow LEOS, it is our season. Happy

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Hole in the Walls

If you’ve ever attended a black southern barbeque, you may have heard a catchy tune flowing from the speakers.  The song talks about heading out

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About Me

Hello! I’m Anita, world traveller & professional blogger. I am just an ol’ Southern girl that has a love of all things travel. Born in Charleston S.C., I am no stranger to tourism. This blog will touch on some of my own travel, the good, the bad, and the I will never do that again type of stuff. In addition to that, you can expect to see a few travel deals posted here and there, along with some reviews from my closest friends and family.



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