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Seattle is B*****in

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit another place on my bucket list. Seattle, Washington is pretty much what I thought it would be and a little more. Let me explain. Arriving at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport I didn’t experience a lot of the fast past hustle and bustle as I usually do when I am leaving arriving in airports such as ATL, … Read More Seattle is B*****in


What’s Going On

“What’s Going On” What’s going on with the shutdown you ask? Well, as we look around us sh** has been shut down. For those of you who may not be aware, the federal government has underwent a “partial shutdown.” So you may be asking what is a partial shutdown? From what many of us have seen so far, a partial shutdown happens when only … Read More What’s Going On

Bland cheese steaks sandwiches

I wanted to squeeze in one more trip before the year ended. So I said, why not drive up to the city of brotherly love. Philadelphia, PA that is, for a short weekend stay and check out the city. Where I stayed I wanted to be close to everything nerd related, so I decided to stay at the Holiday Inn Express Philadelphia- Midtown on … Read More Bland cheese steaks sandwiches

Il mio fantastico viaggio in Italia(My awesome trip to Italy)

Italy is full of history, great food, and even better shopping. If you’re looking to head to this beautiful country any time soon check out my blog post below. CIAO After weeks of much research everything I read suggested that I should plan a trip in the off season. Which is typically in late October, and I am glad that I did. I caught … Read More Il mio fantastico viaggio in Italia(My awesome trip to Italy)


To lounge, or nah?

Often times, I would wonder why folks would get to the airport super dumb early. I truly thought it was because they wanted to be sure they did not miss their flights. But in actuality, it’s because they want to unwind and get their mind right for their journey in the airport lounges. Many airports, and airlines have lounges that most people are not … Read More To lounge, or nah?

D’ Windy City

Chicago is home to some of the most recognized rappers, and singers in the game.  R. Kelly, Twista, Common, and Da Brat to name a few.  But it’s also home for some cool activities and great food. Where We Stayed Our hotel of choice was the Wyndham Chicago Riverfront. It’s location was great, and was up on East Upper Wacker and the rooms were … Read More D’ Windy City

We Jammin’

We jammin’……… I wanna jam it with you…. We jammin’…. I hope you like jammin’ too” (Bob Marley) Fellow LEOS, it is our season. Happy burf’ day to each and everyone of you! What did you guys do for your birthday? Cook out, birthday party, or did you go somewhere? I decided to head back to Jamaica for my birthday last week and it … Read More We Jammin’


Hole in the Walls

If you’ve ever attended a black southern barbeque, you may have heard a catchy tune flowing from the speakers.  The song talks about heading out to an establishment that one may not regularly go to for whatever reason.  It may look a little funky, may not have the best décor but you were somehow drawn to it.  But after spending sometime there, they actually … Read More Hole in the Walls


Fam Travel to Europe Pt 1

Travelling with the fam (family) has its pros and cons, but with my family it’s always pros. My fam and I typically do some sort of travel together once a year and it’s nothing short of amazing. What’s your experience with traveling with your family and would you do it again? Why or why not? This blog post will lay out part one of … Read More Fam Travel to Europe Pt 1

Yes, Blacks Vacation in Colorado

In the black community there is often a conversation that begins with “black people don’t go there” “black people don’t do that.” For many black people that do not travel, many do not have the desire, knowledge to step outside of their comfort zone and try something new. Or, they may not have people in their immediate circle that travel so when they hear … Read More Yes, Blacks Vacation in Colorado


Miami King of Diamonds (KOD) Edition

Grad school was giving my college homie and I the blues.  We thought about taking a trip to a destination that we could enjoy the sunny weather, relaxation, good food, and a slight turn up.  The turn up was most definitely what we got, and I’ll explain how we ended up in Miami, FL and inside the infamous “KOD.” 2014 was the year and … Read More Miami King of Diamonds (KOD) Edition

The Turn Up! CIAA Edition

I don’t know about you, but I attended an HBCU. Claflin University to be exact and I don’t regret my decision. We did not have a football team, but our basketball team was alright. It was in undergrad that I heard about the infamous CIAA weekend. Now of course many students in undergrad did not have cars or a lot of money for that … Read More The Turn Up! CIAA Edition