Since as early as I can remember I have been, fascinated with the north east and it’s history. From the Boston Tea Party, To the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the Salem Witch Trials the north east is a hot spot for history. So this Halloween season I decided to pay Boston and Salem, MA a visit.


For this trip I secured it mad late. Southwest Airlines had an awesome sale and I was already sitting on a travel voucher. So I decided to get the flight tickets costing me about $80.00 for a round trip ticket from Baltimore, MD to Boston, MA.

I secured my lodging through AirBnB and the host was great. I spent more than I would usually spend due to me booking it mad late in the season. (Tip, if you’re looking to visit Salem, MA for Halloween secure lodging before June!) For three nights I paid almost $400 for lodging. Sigh. I stayed in an area of Boston called Chelsea and it’s about a 15 minute drive from Boston.  For my lodging details click here .

What Did I Do

I can sum this up pretty easily I got my nerd on! I wandered around Boston and even took the train up to Harvard. The foliage is absolutely beautiful this time of year and it is also quite brisky.




On my 2nd day in Boston I decided to take the ferry to Salem for Halloween. The day started off rough because it rained all morning. Guys it was mad icky, but I wouldn’t let that stop the show.  When I got to Salem, I took a trolley tour then jumped off to catch my Ghost Walking Tour.



During the walking tour the guide told the story of a gentleman named Caleb. Caleb was struck my lightening when he was a teenager and is buried in this exact cemetery. Decades later, the exact tree he is buried under was struck by lightening as well. Crazy right. The rain really prevented people from coming out and I was actually happy about that. The lines we not long and the streets were not insanely crowded. I got the chance to check out some of the filming locations for the hit movie Hocus Pocus. Also in Salem is the House of Seven Gables.






Where to Eat

If you’re looking for great breakfast please check out Donna’s Restaurant. It’s a family owned restaurant in East Boston that has a great menu and even greater customer service. The owner Donna is very sweet and didn’t mind giving me the deets on how the business started. What stood out to me about Donna was that she was very big on family and even welcomed noisy and messy kids to the establishment. She said the messier the better. 20191031_09132920191031_09221720191031_092227


For seafood I went over to Union Oyster House in downtown Boston. I’ve heard about the restaurant for a while and wanted to check it out. They have some oft he best clam chowder I have ever tasted and the service was pretty good as well.






Traveling Tips

  • Don’t rent a car, take the train
  • Book a ferry to Salem vs driving
  • Go down to Little Italy and check out Mike’s Pastry
  • Take advantage of the free Freedom Trail activity around the City
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