Wanting to explore the 13 colonies, I chose to spend my birthday weekend in Newport, Rhode Island. Let me share with you my experience.

We flew into Providence (PVD) and drove about 40 minutes to Newport. The area is super cute and bustling with all sorts of New England flare and charm.  What I noticed right away was that it seemed very clean and up-kept.


Where I Lodged

First and foremost let me say that I was completely with the shits and most definitely wanted to stay somewhere cute, and oozing in history. So I found a cute spot called the Jailhouse Inn. Yes, it indeed was a jailhouse back in the day and converted it into a dope little lodging spot. It’s walking distance from all sorts of eateries, plazas and shops.


The room had exactly enough space and I truly enjoyed seeing the exposed pipework in the rooms and a few actual jail bars through the establishment. They offered free breakfast from 0700 – 1000. I enjoyed staying here and if you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend it!



What Did I Eat

Since this trip was a birthday gift to me, I had no say so in where we were eating. Everything was pre-planned by someone else which was fine with me because planning for travel could be draining.  First stop was the Newport Lobster Shack.


This is a litty little area right on the water that gets a lot of business. I got there at opening time which was 11:30. By 11:40 a line already formed, and the picnic tables that were available for seating were starting to fill up quite quickly.






Because I am not a huge fan of lobster, and the lobster meat for the lobster roll was served cold (had no idea they served it cold) I gave it a 7. The lobster strips you see were actually pretty decent with the spicy mayo sauce. I will rate it a 8.5 out of 10. As a heads up, bring your own drink. A can of soda (what they serve) are about $4.00 each. But the customer service was a 9 out of 10.


Next on my list to discuss is Anthony’s Seafood. I really liked the establishment because it was a mini market and restaurant all in one. You could literally have your dinner and pick up your fresh lobster for later on the way out.


Let’s talk about the appetizer entrees. I could not come all the way to New England and not have a bowl of clam chowder. I truly appreciated that it was loaded with clam meat and I didn’t have to go searching for it in my bowl. I can give that a 9 out of 10. However, my entree only got a review of 7.5. Let me explain why.



I can not deny, I should have inquired how the “Teriyaki salmon” was actually prepared. I had the impression that it would’ve been actually cooked in Teriyaki, but sadly it was not. They provided the sauce in a cup on the side. *eye roll*

To ensure I do not bore you, I will post the 2nd half of this blog later this month. In the 2nd post I want to share what I did, see, and who I met while visiting Newport. So be sure you turn your notifications on, subscribe and leave your comments.

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