This weekend I had the opportunity to visit another place on my bucket list. Seattle, Washington is pretty much what I thought it would be and a little more. Let me explain.

Arriving at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport I didn’t experience a lot of the fast past hustle and bustle as I usually do when I am leaving arriving in airports such as ATL, JFK, BWI or DCA. It was really slow paced and chill. I appreciated this because I was mad hangry (hungry to the point of getting angry) and had a slight headache. Flying for a total of 7 + hours can do that to you.

Where I stayed

During this trip I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn Seattle – Downtown at
1821 Boren Ave and I couldn’t be more happier with my decision. The location was in walking distance to everything that I needed and surrounded by little cafe’s and coffee shops. It was about a 15 minute walk to Pike Street Market and a 10 minute walk to Pacific Place mall. I’m not exactly sure when the hotel was built, but it smelled pretty new. The decor was very welcoming and so was the staff. After a speedy check-in I made it to the room and was even more surprised at how clean it was. I am a huge stickler for bathroom cleanliness and updates, and was quite happy to see that it lived up to my expectations. The bathroom was not cramped and dank. The caulking around the tub was in good shape and there were no traces of previous visitors hair in the bathroom. (Yea, I am very very picky about this stuff)

What did I do

First things first, while in Seattle you most definitely have to spend some time down at Pike Street Market. Opening in 1907, Pike Street Market assisted with the demand for produce and goods from the city’s neighboring farms due to growth of the population of gold rushers, loggers, fishermen, shipbuilders and merchants during that time.

You can get just about anything from here just like any other local farmers market from fresh smoked salmon, dungeness crab, produce, fresh baked goods and cooked to order meals.

Next, take an Uber down to the Space Needle. It’s about $28.00 for entry but I promise you it’s so worth it. Take the elevator to the very top to get awesome views of the city. In addition to the Space Needle, please be sure to visit the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle (MoPOP). What I loved most about this spot was the exhibit dedicated to Horror. For anyone that truly knows me, this was definitely a treat.

Where did I eat

I want to keep it real with you all, the very first restaurant we tried down at Pike Street Market was absolutely horrible. I highly recommend you don’t waste your time or money at Emmet Watson’s Oyster Bar. Just don’t do it guys. Yuck

The next place I tried was Pike Place Chowder at Pike Street Market and I am very happy I found this place. The chowder was perfect, thick and hearty and they were not stingy with the clams. Now please keep in mind, this location has limited seating. Seats are available outside, however please keep in mind that Seattle is a rainy area and I’m sure you don’t want to eat in the rain.

If you’re looking for a good burger and you’re over in the Bellevue Square area take a quick peak into Tavern Hall. The service is great and their burgers are even better. With it being my first time at the establishment, I was given a piece of chocolate cake with ice cream on top in a jar. It was pretty damn good.

Last but not least was this Bit***n place called Biscuit Bit**! Yes you heard that right, it’s called Biscuit Bit** and the food and service gets absolutely 5 stars from me. The restaurant is very small, but the vibe is huge. With fowl mouth workers and current tunes on the loud speaker, this place is an automatic go to. Now lets talk about the food in this place. The grits absolutely blew me away, people on the East Coast that I have had grits from cannot compare to the grits that I have had here.

For great pictures, take a trip down to the Queen Anne area and hop over to Kerry Park. Kerry Park has an absolutely stunning view of the city of Seattle. I promise your pictures will come out with an amazing back drop. Seattle is definitely a very slept on location. I hope that this post will influence you guys to take a gamble and pay this awesome place a visit.

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