I wanted to squeeze in one more trip before the year ended. So I said, why not drive up to the city of brotherly love. Philadelphia, PA that is, for a short weekend stay and check out the city.

Where I stayed

I wanted to be close to everything nerd related, so I decided to stay at the Holiday Inn Express Philadelphia- Midtown on Walnut street.
There are convenient stores within a minute walking distance and there was a Starbucks on the corner. The hotel was pretty decent but please keep in mind you’re spending about $30 a night for parking. The hotel lobby was mad small and cramped but the elevator wasn’t far away. When we entered the room it was clean to our standards but man oh man was the bathroom tight in space. I’m talking about Time Square/Manhattan small. So watch your knees when using the bathroom lol.

Where we ate

First of all let me say this, I have heard of Philadelphia being the home of some of the best cheese steaks. So when it was time to choose a restaurant to try one we didn’t know where to begin. Someone recommended Ishkabibbles and we ubered to the spot on 337 South. I have to say I have a love for little hole in the wall spots and this location was one of them. The service was awesome but I have one complaint. Why didn’t they season the meat?! I had no idea that you had to request to have your meat of choice season with salt or pepper or whatever. Isn’t that a cooking rule mandate? When I got my sandwich the meat had no seasoning what so ever and I was highly disappointed. So if any of my readers are looking to try some Philly cheese steak please be sure you make sure to request them to season the meat of your sandwich. You don’t want a bland one. Trust me.

Another spot we checked out was the Reading Street Market. I absolutely loved this place because of all of the fresh food, sweets, breads, seafood and drinks you want. The market was about a ten minute walk and you absolutely can’t miss it. I wanted something a little different to eat and we ran into Becks Cajun Cafe. The restaurant was located in the terminal and I absolutely loved the walk up, and sit down diner feel of the establishment. Just about anything, New Orleans or Cajun you could want they had at Becks and I was most pleased. I ordered the chicken and shrimp gumbo over white rice and it truly did not disappoint.

For dinner, we went to a restaurant called the Saloon and it was a really nice date spot. It was located off of S 7th street and its a mix of Italian and chophouse style cuisine. The ambiance was perfect, and reminded me of a scene from the show The Sopranos. I highly recommend the crab stuff salmon with mash potatoes. It’s a tad on the pricey end, but is so worth it. Oh and did I mention that the customer service was dope?

Tourist stuff

Of course we went to see the Rocky statue, and ran up the steps as seen in the famous Rocky movies. But here’s a tip, if you want the steps all to yourself and don’t want to wait in line to take a picture with the statue, be sure to get there and do it all before 10:00 am. We got to the location around 9:45 am and there was no one out there. Just a heads up.

Over all this very short trip to Philly was a very good one, the locals are very friendly and helpful. But please, when looking for cheese steak, make sure it isn’t a bland one.

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