So tell me, what is your definition of travel?  Does it involve planes, trains, and automobiles? According to good ol’ Merriam Webster, travel is simply to undergo transmission from one place to another. Following so far?

Now, let me tell you my definition of travel. My definition of travel simply means to “Get up and go to anywhere you want to go.” This doesn’t have a drive, or a flight time requirement by the way.

Many people believe that traveling involves always going abroad. But why is that? Who says that a passport is required for every dose of travel? Has society finally placed a class system or how we millennials like to say “levels” to this thing called travel?

Why can’t packing a bag and heading over to the next town be considered travel? Why can’t taking a quick day trip to the carnival three towns over be considered?

In my personal opinion, travel is so much more than being able to say “Oh I have been to x, y, and z.” But to experience an event and or adventure that you’ve never encountered before.

Now that’s what I call travel…..

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